Adidas Originals Brand Guide

The ‘brand with the three stripes’ has been a sporting icon ever since its formal inception in 1949. The brainchild of German entrepreneur Adi Dassler, the brand has been synonymous with sporting triumphs and technological innovation throughout it’s storied history. It wasn’t until the late ‘60s that adidas made its first foray into the apparel market with the Franz Beckenbauer tracksuit. Since then adidas has been ubiquitous in the world of leisure wear.

The adidas Originals brand is a sub-brand of the world-famous adidas super brand. Adidas Originals was started up to focus on adidas’s heritage products, such as its retro collections produced between the 1940s and 1980s. The look and feel of everything in the adidas Originals range is vintage, even when they are redesigning and inventing new styles. The decades that feature most often in adidas Originals’ range are the 70s and 80s, and the sub-brand is most famous for its incredible retro trainers.

The adidas Originals branding stays close to its heritage and uses the old-school Trefoil Logo, which was introduced for the 1972 Munich Olympics. The adidas Originals range is heavily influenced by the rise of hip-hop and street style in the ‘80s. The brand is heavily inspired by the classic collaborations with the likes of Run DMC.

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