Italia Independent opens first store in Soho, NY

One of our favourite brands introduced to Red Hot this year is quirky European brand Italia Independent. The brainchild of New York born Italian entrepreneur and former Fiat manager Lapo Elkann, the unique eyewear company has now opened up its’ very own boutique in the Soho district of NYC! Red Hot investigates…

Opening for the first time, Italia Independent have finally launched a US store on Mercer Street in New York. The brand which has been around since 2007 recently joined the Red Hot team this year with its’ collection of luxury eyewear featuring unique frames in velvet, glitter and denim. The new store is said to feature the brands entire collection from their collaboration with Adidas Originals to their fusion with fashion blogger Chiarra Ferragni. Decorated with a mini Fiat 500 and a suspended ‘cloud’ structure made entirely from coloured lenses, the store certainly reflects Italia Independent’s eccentric edge.

Co-Founder Anrea Tessitore told WWD this week; “Everything is displayed in a way that will give the customer a feeling of ease when they come inside,”

“The eyewear market is — I wouldn’t say sad, but it is boring…..What Italia Independent brings is a brand with innovation. We are a lot more than just an eyewear company or another pair of glasses.”

There’s no doubt that Italia Indepdendent stand our from a crowd with their innovative frames and creative approach to sunglasses. We couldn’t be more excited to see what else they have in store for 2015!


italia-independent-store-via-monte-napoeone-19--dettaglio-parete-----massimo-terazzan-599671_0x440Images c/o Vogue Italia

Prince dons bizarre ‘Third Eye’ shades on SNL

Prince recently released his 33rd– that’s right, you read that correctly – THIRTY THIRD studio album, with the satisfyingly punny title Art Official Age this month with some interesting sunglasses-inspired artwork…

Released alongside his collaborative album PlectrumElectrum  with his all-female backing band , the album artwork  for Art Official Age appears to pay homage to his backing band in the form of a digitally rendered image of Prince himself donning sunglasses suggestive of a third eye.

Last week the 56-year-old star appeared on SNL alongside 3rdeyegirl in a pair of three-lens specs designed by Coco and Breezy, Minnesota natives now based in New York, based on his ‘shopped shades.

What do you think of these surreal specs? Would you dare to adopt the bold look?



Grazia Shop site launched ahead of 2015!

There’s no doubt that the power of the press prevails when it comes to fashion. This is something that weekly fashion bible Grazia Magazine have decided to seize with both hands by launching; their brand new innovative standalone  E-Commerce site which allows you to shop trends and items featured in each issue with the simple click of a button.  An idea that sounds almost too good to be true, THIS is the future of online shopping.  Red Hot Style File investigates….




Earlier this year, The Mondadori Group who owns Grazia magazine announced that it would be launching an E-Commerce fashion store under Grazia’s title after they acquired fashion website in 2014.  A project that has been two years’ in the works, Grazia Shop finally went live on 11th November receiving a flood of attention from Grazia’s 17 million readers, 14 million unique online visitors and over 280,000 social media followers. Featuring an exclusive selection of Grazia magazines’ favourite designers, Grazia Shop is paving the way for the future of online shopping by pulling in 20,000 products and 250 luxury brands on board to sell, sell, sell.

After all, how many times have we wished we could purchase the items we see in our favourite fashion editorials straight off the page? Usually nearly all items featured in magazines sell out quick  and Grazia have spotted this ripe opportunity to create fashion mecca where snapping up the latest must-have item is really no struggle at all  . With over 23 titles from Grazia’s exclusive network participating as well as a number of high profile bloggers, the Grazia Shop has already sparked plenty of interest.


In an interview with The Drum, Richard Hatfield, the Managing Director behind said;  “We’re in 23 countries. If a product is featured in the magazine then it more often than not will sell out. There is power in the brand.”

“So this is a unique opportunity to create added value at a global level and to offer a complimentary proposition to Grazia [magazine].”

The site also has a strong social media element similar to Pinterest which allows users to save their favourite items and the ability to create a mood-board specifically tailored to their tastes in ‘Fashion Stories’. Similarly, the content and products generated on the sites’ homepage and editorial pages will also be tailored to each users’ IP location and previous visits for a more personal and custom shopping experience. Tabs such as ‘Grazify Yourself’ and ‘Trends’ also allow you to explore certain trend areas as well as what editors of Grazia around the world are wearing as an interactive showcase. With the Grazia magazine being available in over 23 countries, brands from France, Italy and Germany will soon be joining the furor to get their products on the site and out to eagle-eyed fashion lovers armed with their keyboards and smart-phones.


Whilst there is no advertising on the site, brands will soon be able to sponsor features with brand stories, special collaborations and competitions in the near future. This is not just  a fabulous opportunity for customers but an innovative chance for brands and retailers to get their products out to Grazia’s incredible international readership. The way users interact with the site also allows the site owners and brand to gain a greater understanding of their customers’ behavior in data that would otherwise not be readily available.

In collaboration with 7thingsmedia, Grazia Shop will be hosting a pop-up store in 2015 along with countless other projects to promote the site. Needless to say, Grazia Live is certainly something for us to get excited about!
Mouse clickers at the ready!